Welcome to the Fobis Technologies Inc. website. Glad you stopped by.

We are a full service consulting company for residential as well as small business clients. Our specialization involves Apple technology and all the vastly different ways to integrate that technology across different networks, operating systems and mobile devices. For small business, we also provide great telephony solutions that bridge the use of both internet (VOIP) and conventional analog telephone technology.

Our company was founded in 1998 and since that time, we have also provided consulting services for product development and have developed our own line of simple to use remote control devices called., “weemote®”. You can learn about our weemote® products by going to www.weemote.com.

People ask what makes us different? Well, we are not a large consulting firm with several employees or sub-contractors that can gloss over or not care about the details. Our focus is on truly providing personal service from experienced professionals who take that extra step to ensure your problems get solved correctly. We pride ourselves on not having you call us back because we hacked a quick-fix solution.

Our goal is to find the easiest solution for your requirements. We personally engage with you to learn and understand how you want to get things done, and what level of technology you are comfortable with.

Let us help you develop the right solutions to your technology needs.